Director’s message
Dear students and parents,
On behalf of the IOS family, I welcome you all to IOS, a place dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and excellence, a place where we transform young and beautiful minds into great citizens of this nation with a sense of social and environmental responsibility and human values. We not only strive to transform the students into excellent scientists, doctors, engineers, architects, accountants and other professionals but also help them mold themselves into better human beings. For the students, we hope that you utilize this opportunity to the fullest to realize your hidden talents and potential and grow up to become strong pillars working as the foundation of this nation. We are sure that the excellent academic opportunities and the chance to participate in the various extra-curricular activities coupled with the exposure to the professional world will help you to shape yourself into a person who you can be proud of. As for the parents, we assure you that once a student enters the school, he is completely our responsibility and we will bring out the best in your child.
Suhail Khan
Director, IOS

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