Mission and Vision
Founded by Mr. Suhail Ahmed Khan and Mrs. Nagma Khan, IOS aims at providing an academic base to the student that will help them to not only achieve excellence in their school life, but also help them attain better results in their higher academic studies, to help them achieve their full potential at various extra-curricular activities and to mould them into responsible citizens and good human beings. We encourage the students to set their own limits and then encourage them to go beyond the same, thus engraving in their minds the reality that the limitations we have are just an illusion created by ourselves that restrict us from achieving far greater heights of success. We have created a very flexible curriculum that adapts itself according to each individual student that helps them to learn at their own pace and stress more on quality studying. Apart from their academic life, IOS inculcates values in the students that help them to grow up into people with a strong character.

In short, the students at IOS are trained to train high achieve the target with their smart as well as hard work and to strive to be leaders in their respective fields who have the ability to bring a revolution in the society with their knowledge, hard work and their human values.

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