Student Body
In today’s cut-throat competition, it is necessary for a person to be a master of many trades to survive in a particular field. At IOS, we believe that a student should not only be well versed in the academic lessons but also in the field of management. With this vision in mind, we have created a student body at IOS that acts as a bridge between the students and the faculty and also for the organization of various events at the school. Given below are the posts and the current post bearers at IOS.
For the academic session 2015-2016:
Head Boy:
Azam Khan
Head Girl:
Nida Sheikh
Deputy Head Boy:
Yash Dorshetwar
Deputy Head Girl:
Afra Sheikh
Rumman Ahmad Shaikh
Harjas Singh
Chitsimran Singh
Syed Uzair Ali
Abdul Faisal Sheikh
Arjun Raghuwanshi
The Phoenix House(Red house)
House Master:
Mr. Anees Ahmed
House Captain:
Noman Kaif
DHouse Vice Captain:
Simon Payal
The Unicorn House(Blue House)
House Mistress:
Mrs. AvinashKaur
House Captain:
Musheer Ahmed
House Vice Captain:
Umair Sheikh
The Centaur House(Green House)
House Mistress:
Amreen Sadaf
House Captain:
Hashir Qureshi
House Vice Captain:
The Chimera House(Yellow House)
House Mistress:
Mrs. ManishaGadge
House Captain:
Umar Hamza
House Vice Captain:
Sufiyan Rahman

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