Students at IOS
The curriculum followed at IOS provides for the overall development of the students, with a view to produce quality students capable of taking on the fierce competition in the real world. It facilitates broad-based knowledge acquisition and simultaneously nurtures a temper for life-long learning and exploration. Students are encouraged to go beyond the classroom teachings and create their own learning style and polish their learning skills by means of simple yet innovative ideas of motivating the students to teach particular subject-wise topics to the class, helping them to conduct practical experiments related to the material they have learnt and encouraging them to explore study materials beyond the conventional books being used. The idea behind such a fashioning of the curriculum is the belief that the classroom activities must be supplemented by independent study and also by individual research that broadens one’s horizon and provides opportunities to bring one’s ideas to fruition. The prominent idea of the school’s system is to provide opportunities to the students to study at their own learning pace and provide the resources needed by each individual student for their dynamic growth.

IOS believes in the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” The students of IOS are not only academically strong, but they also excel at other extracurricular activities. Besides the monthly activities, each year, the student body organizes a 2-day fest called the GENNEXT consisting of the Ranbhoomi (The sports fest), the Illuminati(The cultural fest) and the Wissenchaft(Science and Technology fest). It is a grand event with the students showcasing their various talents and the faculty encouraging them and helping them at each step.

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